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So Real Wedding Planner Malaga

My name is Victorița Axinescu and for the past 15 years I’ve guided couples from all around the world to bring their vision and personality into their wedding day. 

Our wedding planning service is created especially for couples like you, who want to offer themselves and their guests

a memorable experience,

while they also enjoy a fun, relaxed and intimate wedding celebration

If you’re planning your destination wedding in Malaga and wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

So Real Wedding Planner Malaga

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Dare to dream with us
your adventurous, bold wedding in Malaga
and beyond!

Having planned weddings in different parts of Europe, with multicultural couples and diverse guest lists, ensures we’ll always be prepared to create cohesive events, where both of you can express your traditions and personal values.

All of our services are created for you to

enjoy the comfortable road to the most beautiful moment of your life.

Our bespoke service takes away the guessing, doubting and all the stress from wedding planning and gives you the joy of experiencing

a day as unique as yourselves.




We only want the best wedding planning experience for your destination wedding in Malaga, Spain!  

Deciding on a destination wedding is, in itself, a complex and personal choice and we feel fortunate and humbled with each couple that chooses us for their planning journey. 

Not living in the area of where the main planning happens can add another layer of uncertainty that sits upon the usual suspects of stress and overwhelm while planning a wedding – like getting real with your guest list, dealing with family dynamics, having to make complex decisions in an area where you have little to no information and much, much more… 

Our services are crafted around the true needs of our couples. We relentlesly aim for simplifying the wedding planning process and bringing you peace of mind  for all the details will be accounted for! 

We’re more than a source of venue recommendations and vendor lists!

Our style is diving deep into your values, your style and creating the simplest and most enjoyable path from the moment you contact us until the day of your wedding!

While we prefer to take full responsibility and start working with you as soon as you decide to get married and have a destination wedding in Malaga, Spain, we’ll always make room for those couples that expect less and want just a nudge or two in the right direction.

We offer full planning services in the entire Malaga province, day-off coordination and everything in between. 



Our creme de la creme service, built carefully over the last 15 years of planning weddings for couples all over the world, it literally simplifies your life – while planning your wedding, at least 🙂

From the moment you say Yes until the last guest leaves your party and with all those excel sheets in between, we’ll be cheering for you!


Venue scouting

When we’re venue scouting, we’re searching for that amazing match between your style, vision, budget and number of guests and the most surprising and enchanting spaces, east and west from Málaga or anywhere in the beautiful Andalusian lands. Our venue scouting service is topped with budget assessment, accommodation recommendations and so much more, because we want you to get started with all the details!



You managed to get all your wedding details up to the finishing line and now you feel like resting a bit, right?

Congrats, first and firmost! Planning a wedding by yourself is such a pain 🙂 But we’re here to tie all the loose ends and make sure everything falls into place when D day arrives.

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Our commitment

So Real Wedding Planner Malaga strives to be inclusive, caring and considerate with
all types of love
, no matter the religion, orientation or gender.

We consider and treat our weddings as very intimate and private events and we’re privileged to work with all of our amazing couples and their families.

Our purpose and meaning in business is to create genuine celebrations while championing sustainability, inclusivity and mental well-being for all parties participating in the wedding planning process.

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