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Planning a wedding can be a wild ride, whether locally or at a destination, as there are so many things to consider – the venue, the dress, the guest list, and the food, to name a few. However, many couples overlook the significance of incorporating their values into the planning process.

Your values are the guiding principles that shape your beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes, reflecting who you are as individuals and as a couple. Taking the time to identify and honor your values can make your wedding day more meaningful and authentic.

As a destination wedding planner, I believe that capturing the essence of the couple is one of the most important but often overlooked aspects of wedding planning. It’s easy to dive headfirst into the practicalities such as budget, venue selection, and music options. Sometimes meaningful conversations about the couple’s values and what makes them unique are forgotten.

At the end of the day, we’re not just planning a party.

We’re creating an experience that should feel authentic and aligned with your values.

By asking the right questions about your guests list, budget expectation, but also about your travel or food preference, we capture the essence of who you are and create a wedding that truly speaks to your values.

Here’s why we think determining your values is important and how to use them as a guide while planning your destination wedding, in Málaga or wherever your heart decides.

Your values can determine your budget

Budgeting is a crucial part of wedding planning, everyone agrees. But it can be challenging to know where to start, more so when you have no idea on the prices you’ll face for your destination wedding.

One approach is to begin by defining your values and creating a cohesive vision for your wedding. This vision will help you make decisions about where to allocate your budget, based on what’s really important to you as a couple.

For example, if family is a top value, you might choose to invest more in photography and videography to capture memories with your loved ones.

When travel or knowing different cultures is a key value, you can give your guests the time to enjoy some time off the celebrities and discover the most enriching local experiences.

By aligning your budget with your values, you’ll feel more confident in your spending decisions. This will help you create a wedding that truly reflects who you are as a couple.

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Decision fatigue – one of the common stressors of wedding planning

Decision fatigue is regarded as one of the common stressors in our lives and with wedding planning, you can be sure you’ll get plenty of exercise with it. Having to choose between so many options for so many things might leave you feeling drained and unable to make even the simplest of choices.

Clear values smooth the path for you and have the potential to make each decision less and less stressful. 

When you know your values and you’re set to plan your wedding in alignment, most of your decisions will come with ease. This requires communication and intention, unfortunately it doesn’t reveal out of thin air. That’s why it’s crucial to make it a priority at the beginning of your wedding planning journey. 

Having a conversation around your values, first between yourselves, as a couple, and then with your wedding planner, makes you a master of eliminating so many options and choices right off the bat. 

By making decisions that align with your values, you’ll feel more confident in your choices and less overwhelmed by the decision-making process. For example, if sustainability is important to you, you might prioritize eco-friendly options for your wedding decor and catering.

A destination wedding with the intention to bring everyone closer, to make it memorable for every guest, to be inclusive and respectful with the local traditions will be very different from a celebration that’s meant to be a relaxed party, half holiday, half wedding, with a bit of everything sprinkled throughout. 

When you take the time to determine your values as a couple, it becomes easier to make decisions that align with those values.

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There’s no such thing as good or bad ideas

When planning a wedding, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Although some traditions and trends may be popular, it is crucial to remember that your wedding should reflect who you are as a couple, even if it means implementing some “strange” or crazy ideas.

The idea of surprising the groom after the ceremony with an actual donkey that has cute pointed ears and can (definitely) sing may sound terrible. However, it was memorable and in line with the couple’s sense of humor. How about inserting a live auction for two Smurfs figurines after the cake cutting, even though no Smurf theme was present throughout the otherwise elegant reception? We managed to make it a highlight of the night and support a cause dear to the bride and groom!

By defining your values and staying true to them, you can create a wedding that feels authentic and unique, regardless of whether it follows traditional conventions.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and incorporate elements that truly speak to your values, even if they appear unconventional at first glance. Ultimately, your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other, and the best way to do that is by staying true to yourselves.

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Four ways To include your values into your destination wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be like facing off against a charging bull , but without the horns and hooves. To capture your wedding values, make sure you lay them out from the first steps of your planning journey.

Here are four ways to do that:

  • Venue Selection: When choosing a venue, consider not only the aesthetic and logistical aspects but also the values the venue represents. For example, if environmental sustainability is a priority, search for venues that have eco-friendly practices or use sustainable materials. Alternatively, if cultural heritage is important to you, choose a venue that reflects local traditions and customs.
  • Use of Local Suppliers: Supporting local suppliers is a great way to incorporate the culture of the destination and to contribute to the local economy. While choosing your team of vendors, include those that support your values throughout their service display. Look for past weddings that are reflective of your chosen values. Consider spending your money with the people and businesses that are more in line with your vision on life.
  • Guest List: If you want to prioritize intimate gatherings, choose a smaller venue that can accommodate your entire guest list. If you have loved ones who may have accessibility issues, look for a venue with accessible accommodations and services.
  • Services offered for guest entertainment: If you want to create a memorable experience for your guests, consider the activities and entertainment options offered by the venue or the local area. If adventure and outdoor activities align with your values, look for a location that offers hiking, biking, or water sports. If cultural experiences are a priority, consider local tours, cooking classes, or music performances.

By taking the time to align your values with your destination wedding choices, you can create a wedding that truly reflects who you are as a couple and the values you hold dear.

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