The 2023 season started at So Real with an intimate wedding, celebrated at the spectacular five stars hotel in Malaga, Gran Hotel Miramar. I’ve worked intensively with the couple for no more than four months and was honoured for all the trust and the friendliest collaboration I had with both!

Knowing exactly what you want for your destination wedding

I managed to get a first online meeting with Eveline sometime in the middle of February. But the first time our schedules coincided for a meeting in person was in April, two months short before their wedding day! Even if the time for planning was tight, we’ve managed to bring their vision and capture all the essential details that were important for them and for their guests from the start.

One of the most important aspects was the focus on absolute comfort for their guests. Choosing the services of a five stars hotel, in the best location right near the beach in Malaga, made the wedding weekend a luxurious experience for all their family and friends.

Eveline and John carefully selected their menus and accounted for every concern their small group might have. From the welcome lunch on the day of their guests’ arrival, then the pre-wedding tapas dinner at a local restaurant downtown, the welcome bags filled with everything the guests could ever need for their weekend in Malaga, the transport from and to the airport – no detail was left to chance.

The couple wanted to keep things simple and efficient, but significant for them and their guests. Their decisions were always aligned with their bigger vision and not only did they know exactly what they wanted, they also owned everything that meant to achive it, persisting with the meaningful details and embracing with bliss the things that weren’t necessarily on their plans!

From planning to execution of an intimate destination wedding

One of the hardest things while planning your destination wedding is actually deciding on asking for help – and that’s not because you lack delegating abilities or because you’re not aware of how complex the entire process will become. It’s mostly because you don’t know what you don’t know 🙂 and as our online world goes bigger and bigger, it primes us with a sense of knowledge and power that often fails to deliver.

That’s why it sometimes happens that a couple will contact me for event management or partial planning, just to realise quickly they’re actually in need of a full planning package. And that’s because the details that they thought were resolved, without a contract or confirmation, they actually aren’t..

But  where there’s will (and a why), there is also a way 🙂 And luckily enough, we’ve managed to book the most wonderful vendors from a place of abundance and the couple and their guests were thrilled with the results!

It’s not called an intimate wedding for no reason!

This could have easily been an elopement… hadn’t it followed the traditional schedule and included key moments throughout the day that made it resemble more of a wedding than an elopement! And the main reason is hidden in the intentionality of the currated guests list.

The reason for which I love intimate weddings is exactly this: they create a genuine atmosphere where every detail holds significance.

It’s about sharing meaningful moments with those who matter. In these intimate settings, there’s a warmth that can’t be replicated in larger events. It’s about celebrating in a way that feels not only personal, but very intentional.

E&J had their guest list from the first moment they contacted me and I knew right then and there that this will be one of my favourite weddings! They let themselves be surrounded with love and all that energy they’ve put for their family and friends came back to them ten times bigger and higher!

Photo credits and many thanks for the wonderful work go to Alexandr Purcel.
Flowers provider: Las Flores de Reding
Bride’s hair and makeup: @mooi.hairsalon
Bridal party hair and makeup: @julialinap_pro
Cocktail hour music: @francismartincerdan.guitarra
Dinner music: @lucy_faye_music
Sound support: Marbella Entertainments

We plan and execute curated wedding experiences for couples who know what they want and are highly intentional with their desires. Getting the most out of your day without feeling you’re overcomplicating things all the time requires professional work and a purposeful process.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss about your destination wedding in the South of Spain!

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