If you’ve been dreaming of your destination wedding and want to jumpstart your planning journey right away, do some research before reaching out to wedding planners just to check your options.

Here are three things I would absolutely love for you to know before contacting any wedding planner.

Your wedding planner is here to offer you peace of mind

When you buy into a professional wedding planning service, what will mostly benefit you along the way is their capacity to hold their s**t together, to hold your s**t together and everyone else’s s**t together!

Weddings can be hard, sometimes they bring so much mess in our family dynamics and they take the best of us. Good wedding planners will contain your problems and will assure you are making progress towards your wedding goals!

That is something that I cannot put a price tag on. It’s beyond any venue / vendor recommendations lists and any bullet template timeline you can find on the big word wide internet!

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Your wedding planner will get things done

When you decide to collaborate with a professional wedding planner, you will not get (just) a certain number of hours allocated to your project.  You will get a person or a team working their a** off in order to get ALL the things done!

You will also enjoy their neverending capacity of educating you on each decision, keeping you in check with your vision and budget. And this is something they will gladly do with each and every couple, over and over again.

Your wedding planner will trust the process 

When you’re ready to commit to a wedding planner’s services, they will not work with their contract in hand. That is why it is soo hard to have every couple in a “personalised” plan/offer and most of the time, why discounts and negotiating our package is a deal breaker… I know, right?

Because, in the end, while we remember why you contracted us in the first place… we will do our job, above and beyond. Of course, limitations and boundaries are good, but most of us just want you to get married, enjoy the most awesome party you can imagine and then go and tell everyone how you’d do it all over again!

So, if you want to plan your wedding with the help of a wedding planner, pay attention and then trust. the. process.
It will work out better than you’ve ever dared to imagine! ✨

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*** Photo Credit: Dana Tudoran 

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