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We’re working together with couples who dare to dream their wedding with intention and authenticity.


About us


My name is Victorita Axinescu – the head owner and destination wedding planner at So Real.

With 15 years of experience, I’ve had the privilege of creating memorable destination weddings for couples and their guests across Europe, starting in my hometown, Bucharest, Romania.

In 2017 I had the chance to organise my first wedding on the peninsula. This was a destination wedding that I planned from Romania, then coordinated & celebrated in Gibraltar. It was executed on the dot with fantastic support from a team of vendors – part of them are now collaborators with which I am now working in Malaga, Marbella and the rest of Costa del Sol.

Almost five years later, my family and I decided to start a new chapter, relocating to the stunning south of Spain. 

Since then, our mission has been to curate intimate destination weddings for couples seeking to escape traditional expectations and passing fads and create an experience that lasts a lifetime.

My educational background in psychology, complemented by licenses in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, forms the foundation of who I am and how I show up into the world. It enables me to navigate wedding planning with empathy and an unwavering commitment.

My process is designed to cut through the noise, eliminate the many confusions the wedding industry creates, and provide a secure space to explore your needs and expectations without compromise.

We understand the significance of your wedding day, and we’re dedicated to making it so real!

Enough about us —

let’s talk about you!

Making your destination wedding speak volumes about yourselves

Picture the vision of your wedding day – from the moment you wake up, as you get ready, going through the ceremony, the space, the dinner and party. Think of the exact type of music you hear in your mind, what smells and tastes you want to immerse in. What you hum when you think of the big day and what you’ll laugh about the most when you put your head to rest at the end of it.

We encourage you to explore planning the wedding day with a specific and intentional roadmap in mind.

If you want to escape the traditional expectations and conformity, the usual pressures of a local wedding celebration while also saying no to passing trends, we would love to get to know you!


We are passionate about weddings, but also about:

life design | making great choices | mental health in the wedding space | simplifing the wedding planning procces | ongoing education

We believe your wedding should be a genuine expression of love and oh,  so real!

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