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We know you’re excited and.. maybe a bit scared at the same time!?
Feel free to explore our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we take our time to give you honest and professional answers to the most frequently doubts and uncertanties we see over and over in our emails and DM’s!

Q: How much time in advance should you contact a wedding planner?

Even if most wedding planners will be happy to receive your message whenever you feel ready, we really appreciate it when we’re invited to the conversation at the beginning of ALL your planning intentions.

This gives us the chance to work with you on a realistic budget, get a sense of your expectations and help you make the best decisions from the first steps.

Definitely try and reach out to us before booking your venue, especially if you’re not speaking Spanish fluently. You will find out quite quickly that some venues or vendors are slower when inquired in English 🙂

Having an expert team on your side from the start not only helps you not lose precious time with venues or vendors not suitable for your needs but it will definitely help you avoid costly mistakes.

Q: We want to get married in Spain, but we have no idea where to start!

First of all, discuss the number of guests you would like to have and the budget you’re willing to spend for your wedding celebration.

Next, take your time to explore the areas that you find attractive, search for venues, see some recent weddings in the particular places that you find most appealing and start narrowing down your options for you to visit as soon as possible.

Then it’s time to reach out to wedding planners that work in and around the location and see if you can get more info about the type of services you can expect, prices and any additional information.

Start putting up a list of venues and inquire or book a venue scouting service with a professional wedding planner.

Finally, consider date options, season and travel arrangements.

Q: How much time in advance should we start planning for our destination wedding in Malaga, Spain?

Most weddings that follow a traditional format (getting ready, ceremony, reception, party) and also require a typical vendor format will need around 10 to 14 months to make sure everything is prepared and organised.

Now, the actual time needed for planning a destination wedding in Spain varies from couple to couple. Your priorities, style of research and decision, time and bandwith to deal with all the new info that you’ll face, they will all have an impact on the ideal time to spend as an engaged couple.

While estimating the number of months to plan and execute your vision and expectations for the big day, we also take into account your number of guests, season of the year, type of ceremony and many more factors.

We have done well for our couples that only contracted us four months in advance and we’re definitely happy when we also have 14+ months for complex weddings.

You can read our extended recommendation, with more context here.

Q: Which is the best month to get married in Malaga?

This one is very subjective – after all, we’re all drawn to nice weather, but what :nice means might be completely different for me and you! 🙂

Considering this, summer in Malaga and the coast is hot and sometimes highly humid – we tend to avoid August at all costs, but we love September, October and May!

Looking at other factors, like tourist influx, costs of travel and accommodation and general easiness to work in and around the area, we highly recommend off-season months (April-June plus October and November).

Read here our article with more insight on each season with their pluses and minuses!

Q: What types of ceremonies are available for our destination wedding in Spain?

If you’re looking for legally recognised ceremonies, the religious Catholic ceremony is the only one that will allow you to register your marriage, unless at least one of you is and has been a resident in Spain for the past two years.

For Catholic performed ceremonies, both of you need to be Catholic and papers need to be filled both at the church where you will have the ceremony and with your local parish back home. The process is long and bureaucratic, so it’s advised to start with the papers as soon as possible. Also important to know, Catholic ceremonies can only happen in the church.

If you’ve already got legally married in your home country, then the options for a ceremony are much wider: religious blessings or ceremony of your faith, either in a place of worship or at the venue with the rest of the celebrations, symbolic ceremonies, humanist ceremonies, personalised exchanges of vows and much more.

Deciding on the type of ceremony should be one of the first steps taken while planning your wedding, as this will determine the process moving forward but also the time needed to plan everything, the logistics and the timing of your day!