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Discover our wedding planning services in Malaga, created to give you the precious feeling of peace and get rid of the what if’s that won’t let you truly enjoy your wedding.

Working together will make your wedding planning journey oh so real!

See below our full wedding planning service details.


Our MAIN service

The Premium Wedding Planning Experience

in Malaga and beyond

Our speciality and the most saught after package is the premium full wedding planning service.

It includes consultation from the first meeting and up until all your guests have left the party on the wedding day. 

Our main goals are to:

* establish together the vision and style of your wedding

* recommend a list of selected venues that match your idea for the best celebration and party

* recommend only the best vendors for all services required for your wedding

* work closely with the vendor’s team on your behalf

* give you priority for meetings on visiting days in Spain

* be a friendly presence on the day of the wedding, making you look & feel like the perfect hosts (coordination of the day included)

* give you the chance for you to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible, surrounded by family and the closest of friends. 

The So Real Process


Getting to know you  →

Planning  →

Production  →



Letting our clients lead us to their vision and facilitating true collaboration between the couple, the vendors, venue and the managing team!


Not conforming with what-shoulds and musts of the industry!


Not afraid to test new ideas or go against popular trends!


Working with established venues, new places we scout together or remote locations, according to your vision and expectations for the big day!

We’re very excited you’re considering our wedding planner services for your destination wedding in the Malaga province or beyond.

Choosing a wedding planner might be the first thing you do for your big day and we’d really like to make sure we’re a great fit.


* ensure that any of your decisions are well-informed and clearly explained

* create the space where you can manifest your personal touch on the big day (whatever this would mean for you)

* make sure you don’t waste a night’s sleep concerning about tasks, to do’s or approaching deadlines on the planning process


* give you more options than you can possibily handle for venues or any vendor category

* shame you for your budget, preferences, style, how and with whom you want to spend your wedding day

* present our solutions as the only correct way of doing things


* your trust in the process, we’re really keen on making your wedding planning journey easy and enjoyable

* commitment for your vision, owning what you already know would be the perfect way to celebrate your wedding

* have your heart set on sharing your joy, love and happiness with your friends and family

SO REAL presents a fresh perspective on how destination weddings in Spain are prepared and celebrated.

We strive to be inclusive, open and relatable.

We’re planning weddings for our clients and this is our all time end game.

Our FULL WEDDING PLANNING PACKAGE is created to give you the precious feeling of peace and get rid of the what if’s that won’t let you trully enjoy your wedding.

Our genius comfort zone

While you’re planning for a destination wedding, you’re not only looking for someone to help you figure out the local logistics! You want a team of like-minded people, ready to spread their wings farther than the best-known places. 

Our favorite destination weddings take place where your heart sings!

We’re available for destination weddings in the entire Costa del Sol and beyond (Malaga city, Marbella, Sotogrande,  Nerja, and wherever your heart desires). 

Other Services

If you think that our premium planning experience is not your thing


you already started planning your destination wedding in Malaga,

please have a look at our list of services below and don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter your concerns!

Venue Scouting

If you’re considering a destination wedding in the charming Andalusia, our venue scouting service is the first thing you should have in mind. 

This package includes the best venue recommendations, an attended tour of your top three preferred venues, detailed offers and all due-process for you to make an informed and educated decision. 

The fee for venue scouting is discounted from the full wedding planning package if you choose to work with us further!

You can also add our VIP extension if you’d like us to handle hotel booking, dinner reservation plus pick-up & drop-off from/to the airport. 

Event management

Planning is one thing, but setting everything into place requires a different set of skills. 

Our event management service is available for a few selected weddings each year and gives the diy couples the chance to delegate all the responsibilities of the planning and coordination of the wedding day. 

The event management is best served withing the last three months before your wedding and includes last minute vendor recommendation, revising your timeline, help you create the floor layout, liasing with your vendors for a smooth run on the wedding day. On the wedding day, we take care of all coordination and backstage work-ins and outs. 

Please inquire with your day and all your set details for pricing. 

malaga beach wedding - ceremony setup on the beach

Online consultation

The most expensive estate one has is not time, but peace of mind. Whether you have concerns on your budget, the timeline of the wedding day, want to figure out the logistics of your wedding in Málaga area or just want a curated list of recommendations, you can invest an hour of your time and gain the peace of mind that everything has a solution! 

This service is available per hour or per package and can be booked anytime in the wedding planning process. 


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