About us


We’re working together with couples who dare to dream their wedding in bold and surprising colours!


About us


Our services are dedicated to those couples who have a particular pain or itch – a dream that they are almost afraid to tell themselves, for fear of falling apart. An idea that everyone else will say is plain crazy or that something like this simply doesn’t happen at weddings.

When everyone else says no, we ask where and when.

We are passionate about the details that make your story unique and we give you all the support to make this wedding the adventure of your life!

Enough about us..

Let’s talk about you!

When you first say Yes to the person you love, there is a moment where all your big dreams unfold right in front of your eyes. You might change your mind on small details, but the wedding that is “you” all the way through is already a thing with it’s own vision, taste and smell.

We’d like to invite you on a journey where we uncover the most intimate and dareful dreams.

We want you to think on the vision of your day from the moment you wake up, to the ceremony, the space, the party, the exact type of music you hear in your mind, what do you hum to when you think of the big day and what you’ll laugh about the most when you put your head to rest at the end of it.

What is the thing that makes your heart tick?


Our biggest commitment:

making your wedding speak volumes about yourselves

We are passionate about weddings, but also about

life design | making great choices | creating systems that make our clients lives easier | simplifing the wedding planning procces.

We trully believe your wedding should be a genuine expression of love and oh,  so real!

My name is Victorița Axinescu – the head owner and destination wedding planner at So Real.

I have been planning unique experiences for my couples and their guests for almost 15 years!

What keeps me going is my desire to simplify the planning process for my clients and getting to see so many sides of what authentic & meaningful weddings can be!

Discovering your unique vision for your wedding day and making it real is my mission.


Curious about my Romanian weddings? Head here to have a look at my portfolio!

Our top skills

The Team

A diverse bunch, with different strengths and (very different) meal plans, but a happy family and loving team in every project we take together!

Victorița Axinescu

The Producer

Always seems to know where things are headed for you and you’ll be surprised to see how fast she can come up with plan b scenarios, just in case.

She’s stubborn when she’s right, but patient and kind when clients choose their way and solid as a rock when things don’t go as planned.

Ionuț Axinescu

The Ingenious

With a strong background in journalism, he always finds a way to be asking questions until there is nothing to be questioned. He puts his skills in creating the best symbolic ceremonies, which he also officiates. 

When he’s not officiating weddings, he is the best team assistant and coordinator one wedding planner could ask for.