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A symbolic ceremony, as the name suggests, is a celebration of your wedding that does not necessarily imply religion. 

A symbolic ceremony represents an excellent opportunity for couples to express their values, beliefs, personality and to reveal their love story in their own way.

In essence, this type of ceremony is a declaration of love, which faithfully reflects the way you are as a couple. 

Who can officiate your symbolic wedding in Málaga

Although it is not a legally recognised marriage and has no religious value, a symbolic ceremony is extremely spectacular and a way to unite your destiny with your partner like in the movies. The good ones!

This type of ceremony is commonly performed by a wedding celebrant and is a perfect idea for the expats who get married in Málaga Province. 

Because it is not legally recognised, the symbolic ceremony can also be officiated by a relative or a family member. However, keep in mind that it is wise to choose an experienced officiant, who knows how to make this moment an unforgettable one.

Ionuț from So Real Wedding Planner in Málaga is an experienced wedding officiant who works with international couples, no matter their religion, orientation and gender. With a strong background in journalism, he uses his skills to write and then officiate breathtaking ceremonies, in both English and Spanish.

Write to us for enquiries and to check Ionuț availability for your Big Day.

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Any couple could have a symbolic ceremony in southern Spain

A symbolic ceremony can be suitable both for couples who do not want to get married religiously, but also for those who get married in the church and in addition desire a special and personal moment.

If you are an expat and plan to get married in the southern part of Spain, a symbolic ceremony could be the answer to avoid all that paperwork required for a legally recognized marriage

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Where can you organise your symbolic ceremony

One of the big advantages of a symbolic ceremony is that it can take place anywhere you want. 

The flexibility is maximum, so you can say yes on the beach in Málaga, on the top of the mountain, at a beautiful finca in Andalusia, on a luxurious yacht or wherever you dreamed.

The atmosphere of this type of ceremony is very relaxed and intimate. You don’t have to be tense as you are, for example, at an official ceremony. Ah, and the guests will definitely appreciate your boldness.

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How it’s made: the sky’s the limit

The officiant works closely with the couple when writing the script and adds the details that the two partners want to share in front of their loved ones.

The ceremony revolves around the love story of the two partners. The vows are personalised, as well as the exchange of rings or any other ritual that the couple wants (the sand-pouring ritual, the candle-lighting ritual, the wine box ritual, the love letter ritual etc). 

You can include whatever suits you, from favourite music to speeches of your relatives and friends or any other romantic elements that reflect your personality. 

Everything is customizable. The sky’s the limit, really, when it comes to a symbolic ceremony!

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